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Welcome to the Canadian Public Policy Network (CPPN).


The CPPN was created to promote and further public policy studies in Canada. Modeled on the Australian Public Policy Network, the CPPN enhances communication between public policy scholars and others in the public policy community across the country and abroad.


The CPPN works with groups such as the International Public Policy Association (IPPA) and the Canadian Association of Programmes in Public Administration (CAPPA/IPAC) to raise the profile of policy studies in Canada. The association will sponsor panels at other meetings and hold its own workshop/conference each fall.


Messages to the CPPN Steering Committee can be sent to and to CPPN members at


The CPPN Steering Committee is Daniel Beland, Luc Bernier, Kathy Brock, Jonathan Craft, Michael Howlett, Genevieve Johnson, Evert Lindquist, Patrik Marier, Andrea Migone, Eric Montpetit, Ken Rasmussen, Jeremy Rayner, Jean-Francois Savard, Grace Skogstad, and Adam Wellstead.

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